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Jul 252016

Unapproved minutes

Braintree Selectboard Meeting

July 19, 2016



Richard Bowen, Selectboard Member                   TutHill Doane, Fire Advisory Committee Rep.

Tim Caulfield, Selectboard Chair                                               Linda Thresher Grimes, Resident

Megan O’Toole, Selectboard Member                                                         Julia Haupt, Resident

Paul Kendall, Selectboard Member                                                          Keegan Haupt, Resident

Loren Bent, Selectboard Member (part of the meeting)                             Brian Jones, Resident

Holly Jarvis, Admin. Assistant

Jessie Brassard, Town Clerk/Treasurer

Jeff Masterson, Road Commissioner

Mr. Caulfield called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


Review of Agenda

  • The board added a discussion about vicious dogs, end of year financials to the agenda, and an executive session for personnel matters.


Approve Minutes

  • On motion of Mr. Caulfield, seconded by Mr. Kendall, the board unanimously approved the minutes of July 5, 2016 as edited.


Citizens’ Comments

  • Haupt asked why the Town is buying the additional 0.5 acres of property, bordering the Town Office and Garage lot. This was discussed.
  • Haupt complained about the speed of traffic on Riford Brook Road. She advised that some of the traffic has been going to the hiking trails. She advised that one of the people who help manage the trails told her they will put up a sign asking users to behave respectfully of the neighborhood.
  • Haupt also asked the Selectboard to request that the Health Officer investigate a resident on Riford Brook Road because of trash.
  • Jones asked about the fence which is in the right of way of the road on the Haupt’s property on Riford Brook Road. Mr. Masterson advised that he has spoken with Mr. Kris Haupt about relocating that fence from its present location. Ms. Haupt will pass the message along to her husband that it was brought up at tonight’s meeting.



  • Semi-Annual Report: Fire Advisory Committee Report.
    • There is an informational meeting on August 2nd in Randolph about the fire station. There is a bond vote planned for August 8th. The Town of Randolph is requesting that its voters approve a bond between $1.5-2.6 million. The large range in the price is due to continued uncertainty as to how much money will come from other sources (insurance, grants, and such).  Randolph is hoping to have the station completed and occupied by May of next year.
    • The Selectboard asked about the potential financial impact on Braintree. The answer was not really any.
    • The current state of their equipment was asked about. They have bought a used tanker to replace the one destroyed by the fire. They don’t yet have a replacement for the number one truck.
    • A query was made about additional dry hydrants in Braintree. No new sites have been selected. There are few bodies of water which meet the requirements. They must be easily accessible by tanker truck, and in areas where there is not already one. Mr. Doane has not found any suitable locations where the property owners are agreeable to having the installation completed. There is an advantage to landowners in that most insurance companies will provide fire insurance at a lower cost if there is a dry hydrant on the property.
    • It was also noted that there were twelve calls in Braintree this year. We have about a quarter of the call volume that Randolph has, but we also have about one quarter the population.
  • Highway Report: no report.
  • Review of the financials. Two meetings ago it was noted that the Town was ending the year with a surplus. Because of this the Town was able to pay down $81,000 from what the town owes for Irene.
  • Irene Update: Mr. Masterson, Mr. Caulfield, and Ms. Jarvis met with Ms. Mary Andes about the Alternate project paperwork again. It was decided that a cover letter would be added to clarify a few points. Ms. Andes estimated that we should get our money late in September.
  • Stagecoach Road update, no new information.
  • Update about the purchase of additional property around the Town Office/Garage. The Bothners will be receiving the Purchase and Sales Agreement soon.
  • Update and discussion about Meadow Lane. A tentative hearing date of Thursday, September, 22 at 10 am was proposed. There would be a site visit followed by a hearing at the Town Office. The hearing will be to consider and hear comments about ratifying the location of Meadow Lane, past the dog leg, to be where it is on the landscape, instead of where the layout records indicate it is.


Mr. Bent arrived and joined the meeting at this point.


Old Business

  • Review of Gravel Bids –tabled until the next meeting so that the quality of the gravel at the possible gravel pits can be investigated.
  • Bob and Kathy Eddy’s Utilities permit was tabled until we have the permit back.
  • Who could be the Public Information Office for emergency events? Mr. Caulfield advised that once he is no longer on the Selectboard he would be willing. He will talk with Mr. White about it.
  • Flooring for Town Office – Revisit of bid options. On motion of Mr. Caulfield, second by Mr. Kendall, the board unanimously approved spending $5,800 on the flooring replacement. The company being hired to replace the flooring was not changed, it was still going to be Delair’s Carpet & Flooring. The options had been missed when reviewing the bids at the last meeting. This motion was an $800 increase but will get the Town a 30 year commercial warranty instead of a 10 year commercial warranty.


New Business

  • RFP for Paving Mobile Acres Road was reviewed. On motion of Mr. Bowen, seconded by Mr. Caulfield, the board unanimously approved the RFP as modified during the meeting. The Highway Department will do any additional drainage work which is determined to be needed by Mr. Masterson and Mr. Bent.
  • RFP for phone system, was tabled until the next meeting.
  • On motion of Mr. Kendall, seconded by Mr. Bent, the board unanimously approved the property rates as proposed of 2.918 for residential and 2.3505 for non-residential.
  • Discussion of timing of new School Board meeting and annual pre-meeting for Town Meetings. The Selectboard agreed to have the meetings the same night, but at different times so people can attend both meetings.
  • Discussion of Admin hours. Mr. Bowen suggested that it would be good to have Ms. Jarvis hour match up better with the Highway Departments hours. After quite a lot of discussion to determine what plan to try, it was agreed to try a schedule of 7:30 am-4:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 7:30 am – 8:30 pm on Tuesdays. There could be hours added as needed for zoning purposes. [Since the meeting more discussions have taken place and a different new schedule is being tried].
  • Vicious Dogs – There have been a number of incidents in town with dogs that have behaved viscously. The triggers which cause a dog hearing to be brought to the Selectboard, as the ordinance is currently written, is if a dog bites a person causing an injury to that person requiring medical attention, when the dog is not on the property of the owner. None of the incidents have met all of those conditions. The Dog Ordinance was reviewed. It was noted that the Constable has a large role to play in giving notices of violations, warnings, fines, and can impound the dog if he feels it is needed. On motion of Mr. Bowen, seconded by Mr. Caulfield, the board voted unanimously to request that the Constable enforce the Dog Ordinance.


On motion of Mr. Caulfield, seconded by Mr. Kendall, the board unanimously approved Payment Orders.


The board went into executive session for a personnel matter. On coming out of executive session it was announced that no decision was made.


On motion of Mr. Caulfield, seconded by Mr. Bent, the board unanimously approved the adjournment at 8:28 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Holly Jarvis


(Edited by Janice Thresher) Thank you Janice!

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