Conservation Commission Minutes

Oct 052016

Braintree Conservation Commission 28 Sept. 2016


Attending:          Tom Cooch, Sandy Stephen, Linda Morse, Paul Shriver, Joan Richmond-Hall


Meeting commenced at 7:05 pm.


Minutes of the August meeting were approved.


Knotweed mapping: The map has been expanded a bit by Tom.


Tom has proposed a resolution to authorize the CC and its agents to remove invasive species from public property along town right-of-ways. The resolution specifies that common buckthorn is not a shade tree and therefore is not the purview of the Tree Warden.


Knotweed management plan: We may want to create a summary of what’s being done now and then make a plan once we know how these measures work.


Knotweed public education: Tom will take a stab at pulling together an introduction with maps.


What’s a dangerous tree? The CC is inviting 4-5 foresters who might be able to help us understand the issues involved in determining which trees could be saved and which could not.


Earthwalk planning: Paul is working on a date for early January at NEFF property.


AVCC meeting is 22 October at Lake Morey


BCC budget: We collected some thoughts regarding some check out specialty tools for invasives.


New initiatives? Riparian buffer strips and stream protection?



Next meeting: 26 October at 7 pm in the town offices



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May 262016

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Apr 292016

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