Planning Commission Minutes

Jul 142017

Braintree Planning Commission Meeting of 13 July 2017


Attending: Bob Moyer, Joan Richmond-Hall, Nate Cleveland, Jenn Phipps


Guest: Christopher Damiani of TRORC


Convened at 7:16 pm.


We reviewed proposed changes to add energy language to the Town Plan.


Preferred solar zones:

  • Rte 12A
  • Battles Brook
  • Circle Saw


Looking for deference or constraint in:

  • Conservation zones
  • Rural scenic


Historic society: Should Spears Brook be added to historic place?

  • Peth – This is one of Braintree’s original villages, that was largely destroyed during the flood of 1927.  Prior to the flooding, Peth served as a key location for milling services in the area.  It is now primarily a residential cluster, but features an exceptional scenic and historical value.  [Extend this to include Spear’s dam and bridge?]


Adjourned at 8:10 pm.


Next meeting: August 10th, proposed public hearing


Jan 192017

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Oct 142016

Braintree PC Meeting of 13 October 2016   Attending: Jenn Phipps, Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Linda Doane, Bob Moyer, Joan Richmond-Hall   Called to order at 7:10 pm.   The select board signed the application for the Municipal Planning grant.   Town plan: Flooding issues Village designation for Braintree Energy siting and compliance with Act 174 Reviewing … Read more >>

Jun 232016

Joint meeting of the Braintree Conservation & Planning Commissions 22 June 2016   Attending:  Linda Morse, Megan O’Toole, Sandy Stevens, Jenn Phipps, Linda Doane, Bob Moyer, Malcolm Fitzgerald, Joan Richmond-Hall   Convened at 7:10 pm   Discussed issues of energy siting CC will review TRORC regional plan regarding intersection of energy & conservation. PC will … Read more >>

Nov 232015

  Braintree Planning Commission Minutes November 12, 2015   Attending:  Malcom Fitzgerald, Bob Moyer, Linda Doane, Mark Bannon, Jennifer Phipps, Holly Jarvis,  zoning, Lynda conservation commission Absent:  Joan Richmond-Hall   Zoning Administration:   Holly gave us an update of zoning.   The town is still working out what to do with the Hotel in Snowsville.  The building … Read more >>

Oct 152015

Braintree Planning Commission Minutes October 8, 2015   Attending:  Malcome Fitzgerald, Bob Moyer, Linda Doane, Mark Bannon, Jennifer Phipps Absent:  Joan Richmond-Hall   Connectivity: A flyer regarding VTEL service was provided to the planning commission.  VTEL wireless is offering 4G LTE service in Braintree.   The service is available without a contract. For more information contact … Read more >>

Oct 102014

Braintree PC Meeting of 9 Oct 2014   Attending: Bob Moyer                                         Linda Doane Malcolm Fitzpatrick                       Mark Bannon Jenn Phipps                                       Joan Richmond-Hall   Guest: Chris Sargent of TRORC Chris: Zoning is good forever, though Town Plans must be renewed / revised every five years. Towns are being urged to develop river protection plans … Read more >>