Planning Commission Minutes

Jan 192017

Braintree Planning Commission Meeting of 12 Jan 2017


Attending:          Bob Moyer, Linda Doane, Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Joan Richmond-Hall


Guest: Chris Sargent, TRORC


Convened at 7:05 pm.


We discussed incorporating energy targets into our revised town plan.


TRORC is doing Braintree, Bethel and Randolph first and hope to meet with all three towns in February.


Chris also brought us a proposal for creating a village designation in West Braintree that would include Mobile Acres and the town offices. He provided us with maps. The area is now considered a hamlet.


Chris suggests that we consider a flood resilience section in the town plan.


Punch list for Town Plan revisions and forum:

  • Joan to work on targets and stats for RE
  • Meet with the ‘village people’ about the Snowsville & hamlet
  • Road rewording
  • Trail to connect areas along 12A/river


NB: We need to look for any major flaws in the ZO that might require changes to the Town Plan

  1. Six months of the one calendar year.
  2. Change of setbacks so that side and rear setbacks are the same. Check previous minutes. (Joan)
  3. Ask Holly J what she and applicants find to be the thorniest issues she runs into regarding the ZO and permits. (Bob)


Crazy potential project with the CC: a walking, biking trail that could connect Mobile Acres to the school and perhaps to the Village of Randolph….


Adjourned at 8:35 pm.


Next meeting is the 9th of February OR when Chris Sargent arranges a meeting with Bethel and Randolph.

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