Mar 312017

Braintree Conservation Commission

Unapproved Minutes– Thursday, March 23, 2017

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary


Present:        Tom Cooch, Sanders Stephen, Paul Shriver, Linda Morse

Absent:          Joan Richmond-Hall


  1. Election of officers: Chair – Tom Cooch; Secretary – Linda Morse
  2. Discussion of current issues identified by the Commission as carrying forward into this year and assignments. It was agreed that each point person for a topic would take the lead on the following issues, doing research as needed, and leading discussion at meetings:
    • Trees, including roadside trees – Paul Shriver
    • Invasive species – Tom Cooch
    • Renewable energy, including following TROQ planning process – Joan Richmond-Hall
    • Clean water – Sandy Stephen, lead. Paul is already doing sampling on the Third Branch of the White River in partnership with the White River Partnership. It was suggested that we have further discussion at a future meeting to clarify the BCC’s role in water quality.
    • Other – Linda


  1. Tree warden – Now that Jeff Masterson has been appointed as Deputy Tree Warden to Loren Bent, there need to be clarification on when Jeff acts on Loren’s behalf. Paul to look into this issue; he has Loren’s binder and will bring to next meeting.


  1. Invasive Species – Buckthorn: Following the demonstration of the weed wrench at the Town meeting, Commission agreed to purchase a Buckthorn weed wrench out of BCC budget for loan to town citizens. We will look into purchasing a power cutter for knotweed in the future. Tom will look into a liability waiver to cover the Town. Knotweed: Use of Roundup on knotweed was discussed and the need for further information on the effectiveness and the hazard of its use was identified. The need to coordinate with Jeff on the roadside cutting was raised.


  1. Other issues: conservation easements and deeryards will be deferred to a future meeting.


Next Conservation Commission meeting:

Wed. April 26, 7pm at Town offices.