May 052017

Approved Minutes

Braintree Selectboard – Regular Meeting

May 2, 2017


Richard Bowen, Selectboard Chair                                                                      Adam Lane, LNAC

Loren Bent, Selectboard Member                                                                  Brian Jones, Resident

Daniel Burson, Selectboard Member                                                                  Danny Hale, VASA

Keegan Haupt, Selectboard Member                                               Holly Benoir, re: class 4 roads

Jody Benoir, re: Class 4 roads

Tut Doane, Fire Advisory Rep.                                                                  Michael Porzio, re: ATV’s

Jeff Masterson, Road Commissioner                                                                John Rose, Resident

Holly Jarvis, Admin. Assistant                                                                  Janice Thresher, Resident

Nick Sargent, LNAC

Kris Haupt, Resident


Mr. Bowen call the regular Selectboard Meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


Review of Agenda: the Board added a discussion about purchasing stamp above the budget amount for a mailings for the Connectivity Committee, to the agenda under new business.


Approve Minutes

  • On motion of Mr. Bowen, seconded by Mr. Haupt, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of April 18, 2017.


Citizen’s Comments

  • Kris Haupt inquired if work is being done to repair the muddy roads. Mr. Masterson advised that Bent Hill, Braintree Hill, Brainstorm, Peth, and Thayer have had gravel added to the mucky spots, grading has and is occurred on all the road as the muddy spots dry out. Gravel will be added while grading as needed.
  • Holly Benoir asked about regulation for maintenance on class 4 roads. The class 4 road policy is on the agenda and will be talking about later.
  • Dede Tracy – from the nonprofit, Exit 4 Open Space, who is raise funds to conserve a remaining section of the land in the Exit 4 area, came to ask if the non-profit can get a reduced rate for renting the Town Hall for their fund raiser. They have 6 weeks to raise the million dollars it will take to conserve the reaming 22 acres. She will write a letter to the Board for discussion at the next meeting.



  • Doane advised that construction on the new fire station should start in late May, and is planned to be finished in about six months. The plans have been cut down to a single level building, which is quite basic. It will have a few features that the old one did not. Like, the bays for the trucks will be big enough so that any fire truck will fit in them. The department won’t have to base their new fire truck choses on what will fit in the fire station. It will also be up to the current standard for a fire station, unlike the old one. Insurance will mostly pay for the construction of it. The replacement fire truck will be ready in 2018. It will cost $595,000.

The department is looking into ways to fix communication issue with Dispatch, the issues stem from narrow banding, which was required by the FCC, and the 12 miles the signal must go from the radio repeater to Barry. They are in conversation with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

They would also be happy to get more volunteer fire fighters.


  • Masterson reported that we haven’t heard if the Town has been awarded any new grants yet. The Green Up Day dumpster and the location for the tires will be set up on Friday, since Green Up Day is this coming Saturday, May 6th. The Arbor Day Tree workshop is this coming Thursday, May 4th. Mr. Masterson, Mr. Bonior, and a Conservation Commission Member will be attending the workshops. Mr. Bent mentioned that he believes that the roads have been partially greasy this spring, and he thinks that they need new gravel on them.


Old Business

  • ATV signs: Mr. Danny Hale of VASA came to discuss the signs the Town’s is requiring. The signs will cost $1,500, and neither VASA nor LNAC are capable of paying that much. Mr. Bowen advised that those signs are legally required by MUTD standards, if ATV’s are operating on the road. Mr. Keegan Haupt reminded the Board that Ms. O’Toole was going to look into it more. Mr. Bowen advised that since she was not going to be at the meeting she sent an email saying that she had learned that the signs really are legally required. It was decided to table the discussion until Ms. O’Toole can be present for the discussion.
  • On motion of Mr. Haupt, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board unanimously approved the Purchasing Policy with the dollar amount in sections 1 & 2 to be $500 and $3,000 in section 3 & 4.
  • The Board reviewed the Town Highway Class 4 and Trail Policy as drafted by Mr. Bowen. Mr. Burson will try and incorporate the comments from the meeting into a new draft policy for the next meeting.
  • Town Office Projects update: Mr. Haupt has started to review the information that needs to be included in an RFP.

New Business

  • The Board briefly discussed the mailing for which Mr. Caulfield is requesting postage. It is to get interest in ECFiber’s internet service. If Braintree can be the town with the most interest by isn’t residents, ECFiber will do a complete build out of the Town’s network. This would make it possible for those last pockets in Town, which has no options for high-speed internet, to have an option. Mr. Bent pointed out that since this wasn’t on the agenda, a decision cannot be made regarding it. He also asked if an agenda item can be added at the bottom of every agenda saying “other business of a binding nature”. VLCT will be asked if this is legal. Postage for the mailing will be put on the next agenda.
  • On motion of Mr. Haupt, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board unanimously approved the access off from Riford Brook Road for Christopher and Tayo Kirchhoff.
  • The Board discussed closing Braintree Mountain Road during midseason next year. The discussion included the idea of closing the road on set dates each year. The purpose of the road closer would be to reduce the damage done to the class 4 road, which has no residents on it, and to reduce the chance of forest fires caused by unauthorized parties during the time of year when fires are most likely to get out of control. The dates that were proposed are March 15th to May 15th. The Snowmobile Club uses that road as a trail, but they close their trails on March 15th. The discussion will be tabled until January.
  • On motion of Mr. Bent, seconded by Mr. Bowen, the Board unanimously approved Payment Orders.
  • On motion of Mr. Bent, seconded by Mr. Bowen, the Board unanimously adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted,


Holly Jarvis

Admin. Assistant