Oct 112017



The Braintree Selectboard has promulgated an ordinance limiting the use of Stagecoach Road, a Town Trail, that runs northerly from the Randolph town line to Flint Road where it joins with Braintree Hill Road, in accord with the December 2016 decision to lay out Stagecoach Rd as a trail.  The ordinance will become effective on the 60th day following the vote unless a petition signed by five percent of the voters is submitted to the Selectboard within 44 days of the vote by the Selectboard, requesting a vote on the question of whether the ordinance shall be disapproved.


If a petition is received within those 44 days, the Selectboard will call a special meeting of the voters to consider the question of whether the ordinance shall be disapproved.  If the vote is to disapprove the ordinance, the ordinance will not take effect; if the vote is against disapproval, the ordinance shall take effect immediately.


More information can be obtained about the ordinance from Holly Jarvis, who may be reached by writing her c/o the Selectboard, 932 VT-12A, Braintree, Vermont 05060 ((802) 728-9787).