Jun 262018

2018 Grievance Hearing Schedule
Braintree Board of Listers
Minutes From Grievance Hearings
Braintree Town Offices

1. Meeting was called to order at 8:08am. In attendance were Listers: Jackson Evans, Derek O’Toole and Heather Fernandes

2. Public Comment – none.

3. The first hearing was for Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thresher of 273 Woodchuck Hollow Road, parcel 07-138. The Thresher’s Objections in Writing had been received prior and the listers had made a site visit on 06/05/18 to assess the value of a mobile home on their property. The Thresher’s feel the value is too high.

4. The second hearing was for Mr. Jesse Richard of 1465 Riford Brook Road, parcel 02-018. Mr. Richard’s presented his Objections in Writing and made his case to the listers that the assessed value of a newly built shed was too high.

5. At 9:00am, having no other hearings scheduled, the meeting was recessed on a motion from Mr. O’Toole and seconded by Ms. Fernandes.

6. At 12:30 the meeting was reconvened and then adjourned on a motion from Mr. Evans and a second from Ms. Fernandes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jackson Evans
Chair, Braintree Board of Listers