Jul 022020
Braintree considering future use of town gravel pit
At the next regular meeting of the Braintree selectboard, which will be held on July 7th at 6pm, the town will be considering ideas for future use of the town’s retired gravel pit located off of Riford Brook Rd in Braintree. The selectboard is interested in hearing from Braintree residents and other interested parties about the future use of the pit. Discussion about possibilities for future use have so far included development of a solar array and proposals have been submitted informally by some solar developers. To participate in the discussion, please visit www.braintreevt.com for information on remote/virtual participation, or see the meeting warnings which will be posted at the Braintree Town Office, the Town Hall, and the Snowsville General Store. In person participation is not possible at this time given the limitations on public gatherings.