Emergency Response


Don’t let up: wash hands, mask, and distance!

It is how we stay open!

As of March 27, 2020, this webpage focuses on where to look if you need help as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

If you are encountering an immediate life threatening situation, you should call 911 or reach out in whatever way you can (email, text) if telephone service is not available.

For non-life threatening situations, Braintree Emergency Response is coordinating with the Randolph Area Mutual Aid Network (RAMAN) to help Braintree residents find the services they need during the Coronavirus crisis. If you need assistance, we encourage you to go https://racdc.com/covid19 and contact the appropriate service or business listed there. If you don’t find the assistance you need on the RAMAN website and are stymied and still need help, please feel free to call or email the Braintree EMD as indicated below.

To contact Braintree’s Emergency Management Director (EMD):

Phone: Call 728-9787 and then press 7 for the EMD. If you don’t reach the EMD, any message you leave will be forwarded to him/her immediately.

Email: Email braintree.emd@gmail.com and be sure to leave contact information. Emergency Response volunteers will respond as soon as they can.

If you wish to volunteer to help in the RAMAN effort, please go to https://racdc.com/covid19 and click on the “I’d like to help” button.

Notice:Braintree uses VT Alert to let citizens know about emergencies. VT Alert automatically goes to all landlines and cell phones in Braintree, but it does not automatically go to telephones using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) connections. If you get your telephone service through ECFiber or Comcast, for example, then you are using VOIP service. To make sure that you get Town emergency announcements you should go to http://vem.vermont.gov/vtalert and register your telephone with VT Alert.