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Highway Foreman: Jeff Masterson
Garage Phone:                   728-9380
Office Fax:                          728-9742
E-mail:                                braintreehighway@gmail.com
Address:                            932 Vermont Route 12A
The rest of the crew: Charles Farrington,  Mark Murray and Dylan Pratt
Form:                           Excess Weight Permit for Trucks
Feb 132019

The Town of Braintree is seeking proposals for 3 projects: 1 – Design and Build of Tannenburg Bridge, 2 – paving on Thresher Road, 3 – paving on Riford Brook Road & the Town Hall parking lot.  More information is available at the Braintree Town Office, 932 Vermont Route 12A, 728-9787 ext. 6 or by … Read more >>