Planning Commission Minutes

Jun 122020

Braintree PC meeting of 11 June 2020


Attending: Paul Kendall, Malcom Fitzpatrick, Jackson Evans, Joan Richmond-Hall


Convened at 7:06 pm


Discussed the implementation matrix in chapter 5.


  • Regarding increasing setbacks from streams Macolm argues for keeping the 50-foot minimum and then asking for site plan review by the DRB if the building is within that distance. A set of criteria would have to be developed. One way of look at that is a variance or waiver.
    • Use language that suggest that the UB revise it to increase flood resilience.


  • Malcolm suggests that we encourage the development of construction of community solar.


  • Malcolm suggests that new development be reviewed to minimize runoff.
    • Joan will email Jeff about the use of small retention ponds in road ditching. Is this allowed by state road standards and their grants program.


  • Comments on the implementation matrix
  • Discussion of what audiences we’d like to have review and comment on the plan or specific parts of it. Partial list here:
    • Selectboard and Braintree town officials
    • Bob Moyer
    • Neighboring PCs
    • Joshua Jerome in Randolph
    • RASTA and similar organizations
    • Housing guy….
    • TRORC
    • Josh Hannaford, VT HCD
    • Nate Cleveland, VT ACCD


Next steps:

All: Please consider priority level and timeline for the SB items in Chapter 5.

Malcolm: review of water related chapters

Joan: fact and statistic checking


  • Get a copy of the Chapter 5 implementation matrix to the SB prior to our next meeting to get their reactions to their responsibilities.


Adjourned at 7:59 pm


Next meeting: 7 pm on 9 July 2020 by phone at, 802-210-4472

[23 July if Joan needs more time; Joan to notify group by 25 June if this rollback is needed.]


/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall


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