May 262017

Braintree Cemetery Commission – May 3, 2017
Draft Minutes of Meeting

Attendees: Jason Kuhn, Kris Haupt, Ed Smith, Linda Morse, Norm Illsley

Jason Kuhn called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

1. Minutes of April 19, 2017 meeting – a motion was made by Jason and seconded by Ed to approve the minutes as corrected was accepted.

2. No citizens comments
3. Spring/fall cleanup of cemeteries – Jason spoke with the mowing contractor. A later mowing in the fall was recommended and less cleanup in the spring. The estimated cost was $1100 – this is not a fixed price. The contractor has not yet submitted a proof of the workers compensation; it needs to be sent to Jessie. The mowing will be paid monthly. The first mowing will be before Mothers’ Day. The next one will be before Memorial Day. Next will be before July 4th. The next will be before Labor Day. The five big cemeteries get nine mowings; this is up from seven. Ed is assigned to the Ford and Connecticut Corners. The small cemeteries used to get three mowings. The question was posed of whether this should be increased to five mowings. It was agreed that there is a need to clarify the fall cleanup and also get a copy of the insurance from the contractor. Also the Commission needs an estimate from the contractor. A brief discussion of the Commission’s budget – the interest from the bequest fund (fund is $70,000) and the allocated Town budget for the Cemetery Commission make up the budget.
4. Old Business: Stone repair – Linda needs to contact Green Mountain Memorials to arrange for repair of two broken stones in the Braintree Hill Cemetery. It was noted that the Commission has a 3 year plan with Green Valley Memorials for stone repair. Also confirm that the price for the corner posts is still $185.50
5. Old business – It was noted that the Commission does the repair on the cemetery fencing as needed. It was confirmed that the Commission meets monthly starting with April through November of the year. The meeting date is the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the Town Clerk’s Office.
6. Citizens comments – none
7. It was moved and approved that the meeting adjourn at 7:31pm.

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary, Braintree Cemetery Commission

Next Meeting is Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 7pm at the Braintree Town Clerk’s Office