Jun 202016

Braintree Cemetery Commission  – May 4, 2016

DRAFT Minutes of Meeting (unapproved)


Attendees: Kris Haupt, Ed Smith, Jason Kuhn, Linda Morse; Absent: Keegan Haupt


Kris Haupt called the meeting to order at 7:05pm


  1. Citizens Comments – none
  2. It was noted that Keegan Haupt has resigned from the Commission. We will be looking for a new member.
  3. May 4 minutes – approved as corrected
  4. Election of Chair for this year –  Kris Haupt stepped down as chair. Jason Kuhn was nominated and elected as chair for this year.
  5. Old Business:
    –  Report on the Braintree Selectboard review and discussion of the memo from the Cemetery Commission on the cost for Worker comp and agreed with the recommendation of the Cemetery Commission that the cost come out of this years commission budget.

–  Contract with Jason Handiworks for 30.5 hours for spring cleanup. Approved as corrected.

  1. New Business – Discussion on stone repair – Ed and Kris repaired two damaged stones at Braintree Hill Cemetery. In general the priority is to fix stones that are in the worst shape. Dale Barnard is all set to repair stones at Lower Branch cemetery. In general, repair of old broken stones is done using hydraulic cement – this seems to work well.  Jason noted that posts need to be installed at East Braintree Cemetery.
  2. It was moved and approved that the meeting adjourn at   7:47pm.


Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary, Braintree Cemetery Commission


Next Meeting is July 6, 7pm at the Town Clerk’s Office