Jul 022018

DRAFT Braintree Conservation Commission

Minutes– Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary


Present:  Tom Cooch, Paul Shriver, Joan Richmond-Hall, Sanders Stephen, Linda Morse


  1. No Public comments
  2. March 2018 minutes approved
  3. Emerald Ash Borer – in-depth discussion on the issues and responses to its expected arrival in Braintree:
  • Randolph Conservation Commission’s has done inventory of ash trees in downtown and an EAB plan has been prepared by consultant, Redstart.
  • Discussion about possible measures in Braintree including public education, survey of roadside ash trees (Paul and Sandy volunteered); not clear what costs of survey would be; possible preemptive action, including removal, in some areas along roads, i.e., not waiting for trees to be affected; replanting of trees.
  • There was acknowledgement that removal of trees is expensive.
  • Question if there are uses of ash wood
  • Addressing issue of movement of ash firewood in Braintree and beyond

ACT – Tom will contact Megan for advice on reporting to SB; contact Roads Dept. and Tree Warden

ACT – Paul – review report and get survey form from Randolph


  1. Japanese Knotweed – Gerald Kinney has written a plan for Japanese Knotweed and knows about state permitting. Sites for treatment not yet chosen. Landowners will need to be notified. Gerald will have input on sites.
  2. Vernal Pools – Tom reported four possible vernal pool sites in Braintree in online atlas. Tom has contacted Braintree landowners about visiting sites.  There is a scheduled training on vernal pools in Tunbridge – Tom and Linda are expecting to attend. This will be a good newsletter item.
  3. Neonicotinoids – Tom did an inventory at Central Supply of products with neonicotinoids and has contacted the Xerxes Society for material to include in newsletter.
    1. Newsletter articles topics for May: vernal pools, neonicotinoids, monarch butterflies, and arbor day conference information.
    2. Arbor Day conference – four members are attending
    3. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07pmNext Conservation Commission meeting: Wed., May 30, 2018, 7pm at Town offices.