Jul 152019

Attending:      Tom Cooch, Sandy Stephens, Linda Morse, Paul Shriver, Joan Richmond-Hall

Convened at 7:05 pm

  • Minutes of the March meeting approved.
  • Setting work dates:
    • Controlling poison parsnip along Route 12
      • Sunday 23 June, 9 am at the end of Peth Road; bring lunch!
    • Invasives control at Thayer Brook Rd.
      • Friday 31 May, 9 am at Thayer Brook site (rain date on Monday)
  • Planning commission – proposal to help identify wildlife crossing areas in the Riford Brook, Thayer Brook area
    • Joan:
      • Work with Holly to identify landowners along the loop and map them to plots.
      • Overlay with conservation easements.
      • List of names
      • Coordinate with current (?) orthophoto
      • Article on Act 171 for the newsletter – work with Monica
  • Newsletter in good shape
    • Act 171 article – Joan

Adjourned at 8:05 pm

Next meeting: 26th June at 7 pm