Nov 032017

Braintree Conservation Commission

Unapproved Minutes– Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary


Present:  Tom Cooch, Sanders Stephen, Joan Richmond-Hall, Linda Morse


  1. minutes approved
  2. No Public comments
  3. Focus area discussions:

 Clean Water: Sandy commented that there are no funds now available for Clean Water projects – funds have all been allocated.
-– For Braintree culvert funding – Jeff has applied for funds, particularly for West Street and Bear Hill where there is lots of erosion.
— Joan commented that these are not a “road issue”. Heavy rain causes brooks to make a new path and this has happened repeatedly. But there may not be funds available. Tom noted another one on West St. and that culvert replacements are very expensive

Invasive species – Joan has reviewed a State of VT report on the use of herbicides and did not think that the report was useful or provide new information. Other issues were: danger of use of glycophosphate., including human health

  • Joan will write up her notes and provide feedback to the State
  • Tom will contact the Vermont Center for Ecodiversity to learn more about the effects on biodiversity
  • Based on further information the BCC will make recommendations to the Select Board on whether the Town should go ahead with use of this pesticide.

Renewable Energy – Joan has a copy of the revised plan if anyone wishes to review.  


4  BCC Budget for 2019: Ideas included:

  • Workshop on Vermont Black bears. Ideas included retaining Sue Morse, the expert wildlife tracker; that could include inviting the VT Dept. of Natural Resources expert. Another idea was to invite other towns to participate, e.g. Randolph and Brookfield. An amount of $250 was suggested.
  • $500 was suggested as next years budget.

5   Other business:
Online newsletter  – about 70 online newsletters are currently being sent out via email

Check out of tools – there have been Braintree residents using weed puller
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm
Next Conservation Commission meeting: Wed., November 29, 7pm at Town offices.