Apr 022018

DRAFT Braintree Conservation Commission

Unapproved Minutes– Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary


Present:  Tom Cooch, Paul Shriver, Joan Richmond-Hall, Linda Morse;

Absent: Sanders Stephen

  1. No Public comments
  2. Election of BCC officers: Chair – Tom Cooch; Vice Chair – Sanders Stephen; Secretary – Linda Morse
  3. Feb. 2018 minutes approved
  4. Goals for 2018, including possible actions:

    – Emerald Ash Borer – includes obtaining a copy of Randolph Conservation Commission’s EAB plan

– Japanese Knotweed – Tom reported that a BCC request to the SB to prepare a vegetative Management Plan was denied by the Selectboard. However, Stu Johnson, who works for the State could help on a vegetative management plan including the total cost which will be submitted to the SB next week. It would include a veg management plan and an application to the State to cover cost of approximately $250-300. Jeff and Gerald would select the test sites.

–  Vernal pools – possible education role with article in the newsletter for end of April or early May

–  Recreation revival in Braintree, as illustrated by the RASTA ski glade. Other ideas were skiing, biking, and walking. There appears to be a role for the BCC, particularly in education

– Public education on neonicotinoids with emphasis on impact on bees, alternatives, and native ornamentals that are attractive to bees. Possible newspaper article.

– Thayer Brook Road project revitalization. Contact White River Partnership for advice

– Vernal pools – Education role with article in newsletter

  1. Tiny Grants –Funds of $250-600 are available from Assoc. of Vermont Conservation Commissions grants programs. At the next BCC meeting members should bring grant ideas for Tiny Grants and other grant programs. There was a decision to look at one or two proposals (via email) that Joan and Tom will prepare in the next few weeks and decide on one or both of them. The deadline for submission is before next month’s meeting. Tom will be drafting a proposal for monitoring deer yards and corridors with a wildlife camera, and Joan will draft a proposal for locating vernal pools by drone; we will decide on which proposals to submit before our next meeting.
  2. Newsletter articles topics for end of April or early May, included vernal pools, neonicotinoids, photos of scenic Braintree views.
  3. The meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm

    Next Conservation Commission meeting: Wed., April 25, 2018, 7pm at Town offices.