Jun 262018

2018 Grievance Hearing Schedule
Braintree Board of Listers
Minutes From Grievance Hearings
Braintree Town Offices

1. Meeting was called to order at 8:00am. In attendance were Listers: Jackson Evans, Derek O’Toole and Heather Fernandes

2. Public Comment – none.

3. The first hearing was for Mr. Roy Borcuk of 85 Fogey Street, parcel no. 09-077. Mr. Borcuk was grieving the assessed value of his unlanded mobile home. The listers had his Objections in Writing on file. Mr. Borcuk feels that the value of his mobile home was too high. After hearing Mr. Borcuk’s grievances, added his property to the list of site visits.

4. The second hearing was for Mr. Jonathan Mark Heins and Ms. Kirstin Quick of 33 Old Bass Road, parcel 05-060. Mr. Heins and Ms. Quick purchased the property in 2017 for less than the assessed value and grieved the current assessment on those grounds. They submitted their Objections in Writing and the listers heard their case.

5. The third hearing of the morning for Mr. George Allen of 974 Farnsworth Brook Road, parcel no. 06-026. Mr. Allen inherited the property from his father and attempted to sell it. The asking price was lowered to below the assessed value and failed to sell after 6 months on the open market at which time the property was taken off the market. Mr. Allen submitted his Objections in Writing and the listers added the property to the list of site visits.

6. At 10:00am the meeting was recessed for site visits.

7. Returning from site visits at 12:00noon, the meeting was adjourned on a motion from Mr. O’Toole and a second from Ms. Fernandes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jackson Evans
Chair, Braintree Board of Listers