Aug 232019

Approved Minutes

Braintree Selectboard Meeting

August 20, 2019 at 6:00 pm


Keegan Haupt, Selectboard Member                                               Holly Jarvis, Admin. Assistant

Charlie McMeekin, Selectboard Member                               Jeff Masterson, Road Commissioner

Loren Bent, Selectboard Member

Megan O’Toole, Selectboard Chair

Daniel Burson, Selectboard Member

Ms. O’Toole called the meeting to order.

The Board reviewed the agenda adding the minutes from August 16, to the agenda.

On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Haupt, the Board unanimously approved both sets of minutes of August 6, 2019, and the set of minutes from August 16, 2019.

Citizen’s comments – none.


  • Highway report:
    • Mr. Masterson asked the Board if they would approve sole sourcing excavator work for the Bent Hill Road Grant-in-aid project to J.L. Smith. On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Burson, the Board voted on whether or not to sole source the excavator work for the Bent Hill Road Grant-in-aid work to J.L. Smith (Ms. O’Toole, Mr. Haupt, and Mr. McMeekin voted against the motion, Mr. Burson, and Mr. Bent voted in favor of the motion; the motion was NOT approved). After more discussion, and in light of the time constraints in which the project can be completed, the board asked Mr. Masterson to contact a number of contractors directly to bid on the project. These bids will be reviewed at the next meeting.
    • The status of Sault road work was discussed. The resident of Sault Rd. that had asked for permission to do maintenance to the road per the Town’s Class 4 Road and Trail Policy appears to have completed the work without permission of the town. Mr. Masterson will take a look at the condition of the road and the work that was done and report back to the board. The gravel pit was discussed. No decisions were made for either topic.
    • The trees which are in the right of way of Meadow Lane were discussed. As they get bigger they are encroaching on the traveled portion of the road. A letter will be sent to the property owners letting them know that the highway department will be trimming them per the town’s authority to conduct this type of work in the ROW.
  • The status of the extended warranty for the loader was discussed.
  • The truck and tractor auction results were summarized. At the special meeting on Aug. 16th the Board agreed to accept the bid for the truck which was $10,700. The tractor will be put back on the auction site, and added to another one as well.

Old business

  • The Board discussed a possible contract with Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Ms. O’Toole will look into the Board’s questions about ticket revenue and data reporting.
  • New business 
    • The Board reviewed a draft Dog Ordinance. Mr. McMeekin will review the current ordinance and make a recommendation on how to proceed.
    • The Board asked Ms. Jarvis to look into adding employee health insurance coverage for domestic partnerships, and what it entails.
  • On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. McMeekin, the Board unanimously approved the payment orders.
  • On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Burson, the Board unanimously adjourned the meeting at 7:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Holly Jarvis