Mar 162020

Town of Braintree operations update:
As we all rearrange our lives and routines to slow and prevent to spread of COVID-19, please keep in mind:
1. The town office will remain open until further notice. If you are not feeling well, or if you have been exposed to or around others who are not feeling well, please do not come to the town office.
2. To achieve the recommended social distancing and protect the health of town employees, all town selectboard, commission and other town group meetings will be taking place remotely until further notice. Members of the public who wish to participate in these meetings will have access to a conference line number which will be provided on the posted meeting agenda of each meeting.
3. Taxes are due TODAY. A reminder that you can pay your taxes online:

Thank you all for your patience and assistance during this time. Please call the town office (802-728-9787) with any questions.