Jan 082021


Braintree Selectboard Meeting

January 5, 2021 at 6:00pm


“In accordance with the recent amendments to Vermont’s open meeting law, and in light of the ongoing public health crisis, this meeting will be held via conference call. You can access the meeting at the scheduled time by calling 802-210-4472.”


Present via Remote Conference Calling:

Charlie McMeekin, Selectboard Member

Daniel Burson, Selectboard Vice Chair

Dylan Pratt, Road Foreman

Tim Caulfield, Emergency Management Director

Ronald Cadrette, Braintree Citizen


Present at the Town Office:

Megan O’Toole, Selectboard Chairperson

Loren Bent, Selectboard Member

Keegan Haupt, Selectboard Member

Jessica Brassard, Town Clerk and Treasurer

Janice Russell, Administrative Assistant


Ms. O’Toole called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.  A roll call was done to confirm what members and citizens were in attendance via teleconferencing.


The Board reviewed the agenda with no comments or additions being made.


On motion of Mr. Haupt, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board unanimously approved the minutes from the Regular Selectboard Meeting on December 15, 2020.


Citizens comments – 3 minutes.

  • Ronald Cadrette requested an update on the Lemery Bridge RFP and was informed that three or four contractors have shown interest in the project with two scheduling appointments for viewing of the site.  A final decision on a contractor will be made by the end of February with a completion date of September 2021.   Mr. Pratt will reach out to the White River Valley Snowgoers regarding the plan to dismantle the current bridge.



  • Highway Report: Mr. Pratt had previously submitted a highway report that was reviewed by the board. There were no questions or comments about the report.
  • Emergency Management Director – Tim Caulfield – Gave a brief update on what the State has put out for information on COVID.  RAMAN had a winter clothing supply for people who needed them.
  • Fire Advisory Representative – Mr. Bent advised that the Fire Department will be getting their vaccines starting on January 15th with follow-up on February 12th.  There are problems with communications and bandwidth, looking for another provider.  The Fire Advisory members reviewed an application for a subdivision on Beanville Road.


Old Business

  • COVID-19 follow up
  • The door for the Town Clerk’s office space is being worked on.
  • RAMAN update was presented in the Emergency Management Director’s presentation.
  • Town’s options for a potential location of sand needed to replenish the 2022-2023 stockpile – no updates at this time.
  • FY ’22 Budget Planning Follow-up – The Budget Committee met for the first time today and Ms. O’Toole explained what minor preliminary changes have been made to the budget.
  • Town Meeting Day Webinar and Other Planning – A discussion ensued regarding the options available to get the Town Meeting Day, Notification for Filing as a Candidate and Australian Ballot Information, along with the Warning out to the Braintree Citizens.  The notifications need to be clear that Town Meeting Day ballots are not being automatically mailed to all Braintree Citizens that a request for a mailed Ballot needs to be submitted to the Town Clerk.


New Business

  • Town Hall Lighting – The lighting in the Hall section of the building needs to be updated and Ms. Brassard stated that there are funds still available from the Election Grant the Town received to cover a majority of the cost and there are funds in the Town Hall budget to cover the remaining cost.
  • Approval of Town Meeting 2020 Minutes – The Selectboard reviewed the minutes.


On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. McMeekin, the Board voted unanimously to approve the Town Meeting 2020 Minutes.


  • Retroactively Approve the Cat B FY 22 Better Roads Grant For Ditching on Hockman Hill Rd –


  • On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Haupt, the Board voted unanimously to retroactively approve the Braintree Cat B FY22 Better Roads Grant for Ditching on Hockman Hill Road. 


  • Issues with HRA Setup with Further – Ms. Russell, with input from Ms. Brassard, explained the difficulties the Town of Braintree was experiencing in setting up an administration of the Town’s HRA Benefit with BC/BS of Vermont’s Further program.  Both Ms. Russell and Ms. Brassard stated that it would be most practical for the Town to continue using HealthEquity for the administration of the Town’s HRA Benefit.


On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board voted unanimously to continue using HealthEquity to administer the Town’s HRA Benefit program. 

Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter pursuant to 1 V.S.A. Section 313(a)(3).

On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board unanimously voted to enter into an Executive Session at 6:46 P.M. for a discussion on a personnel matter pursuant to 1 V.S.A. Section 313 (a)(3). 


At 7:10 pm the board came out of executive session. A decision was made to amend the Road Foreman’s salary at the successful completion of his Probation Period.


Payment orders –


On motion of Mr. Bent, seconded by Ms. O’Toole, the Board unanimously approved the payment orders.



On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board unanimously adjourned the meeting at 7:11 p.m.  


Respectfully submitted,


Janice R. Russell

Administrative Assistant